This prism binocular differs from the one described previously in that the two telescopes used are fixed and the eyepieces are shifted 2 cm orthogonally to the plane formed by the optical axes of the objective lenses.
The optical axes of the eyepieces and the objective lenses are at the same distance (6.5 cm) from each other, which is the average distance between the irises.
In this binocular, the arrangement of the different components is the one that comes from the prismatic binocular described previously when the two telescopes are rotated so as to make parallel the planes formed in each of them by the optical axis of the objective lens and that of the eyepiece.
The magnifying power is 12 and the aperture of the objective lenses is 22 mm.
The vehicle is contained inside a metal box 7.5 cm in height, lined on the sides with black leather and with the bases rectangular (10 cm X 5.5 cm) covered with ebanite plates.
The eyepieces are fixed to one of the bases from which they protrude by 3.5 cm and have ebanite lens hoods; the objective lenses are fixed to the frame on the inside with metal rings which, on protruding 5 mm, also acts as lens hoods.
To focus, the two eyepieces can be rotated by about 1 cm.
The binocular is provided with a leather case and strap.
The state of conservation is good.

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