This is a set of six Leyden jars in a wooden box that differs from the previous one, not only in the number, but also in the shape and size of the jars.
They are perfectly cylindrical (diameter 12 cm; height 32 cm) and are covered with a thin layer of tin foil, both inside and out, on the bottom and on the sides up to a height of 21.5 cm. With the exception of the bottom, they are covered, both inside and out, with a thin insulating coat of shellac.
As in the set described above, the connection to the outside armature is by means of the handle attached to the box to facilitate transportation. In each jar the connection to the inside armature is a metal rod with a spherical pommel at the top and at the bottom with two crossed, horizontal metal strips, the extremities of which are bent downwards, and which lie on the bottom.
Also in this case the jars can be used separately or in groups with different connections, always making sure that the outside armatures are connected to each other.

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