Esperimento dell'anatra levitante

In this little toy, the duck floats over a magnet in the yellow base because the duck also has a magnet inside it. But there’s the connection to the fishing line...


Levitazione magnetica di un mappamondo

This globe is kept suspended in a balanced position with no contact with other objects, that is, with no restraints, by means of a servomechanism. At the North Pole there is a magnet; in the fixed part at the top there is an electromagnet in which the intensity of the current is regulated moment by moment so as to keep the magnetic flow constant.


Levitazione diamagnetica

This is a true case of levitation with no restraints and no supply of energy. The small magnet remains suspended in stable equilibrium in the position in which we see it owing to the fact that its weight is exactly compensated by the force applied by the ring magnet at the top.
The two cylinders of diamagnetic graphite oblige the small magnet to remain between them by applying a repulsive force which increases if the magnet approaches one of them.

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